Olympus Launches VISERA ELITE III Endoscopic Visualization Platform in Mexico

Olympus Latin America has announced the launch in Mexico of the VISERA ELITE™ III endoscopic visualisation platform, the next generation in surgical imaging, which is expected to be available immediately in Mexico and in other Latin American countries in the coming months.

VISERA ELITE III represents innovation that grows with the customer by offering backward compatibility with the previous VISERA ELITE II platform, rigid and flexible scopes, camera heads and ENDOEYE™ videoscopes. Scalable software upgrades eliminate the need to switch to another platform to access future technologies and allow for functionality upgrades like 3D and IR to suit multiple needs. The platform offers increased efficiencies by supporting a wide surgery portfolio, including the THUNDERBEAT™ and SONICBEAT™ portfolios.

VISERA ELITE III is designed to support multiple specialties, including general surgery, urology, gynecology and ENT, by offering advanced imaging modalities such as 4K imaging, Narrow Band Imaging™ and the new Yellow Enhancement mode, which helps identify anatomical structures like nerves, arteries, ureter and pleura that are surrounded by fatty tissue. Other features include:

We are excited to help bring new technologies to the market in Latin America and raise the standard of patient care across multiple specialties with the availability of this innovative surgical imaging platform,” said Jose Gaston, President of Olympus Latin America.

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