OMRON Healthcare Acquires Luscii Healthtech to Advance Remote Patient Monitoring Services

OMRON Healthcare has acquired Luscii Healthtech, a Dutch-based digital native pioneer in intelligent remote care and virtual wards, which provides a fully customizable platform and app for home care for over 150 diseases, including those affecting chronic hypertension, cardiovascular and respiratory patients, with the aim of raising the standard of remote patient monitoring services and contributing to a future where the impact of various diseases is minimized.

Since receiving OMRON’s seed investment in 2018, Luscii has collaborated with approximately 70% of hospitals in the Netherlands and extended its presence to other markets, including the UK, Germany and other countries in Europe and Africa. Luscii’s integrated care network approach seamlessly connects various healthcare stakeholders, including general practitioners, hospitals, and community care and virtual ward call centers.

OMRON’s insight into the primary care remote patient monitoring market in the UK and Europe will enable Luscii to develop comprehensive services to support healthcare professionals in an integrated way, ranging from general practitioners to hospitals, within a single platform.

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