Orthofix is to distribute MRIguidance‘s BoneMRI™ imaging software with 7D Surgical‘s FLASH™ navigation system in the US, the first radiation-free preoperative imaging and spine surgery navigation solution.

BoneMRI creates a synthetic CT from an MRI image without the use of harmful radiation. For the first time, surgeons, their staff and patients can now benefit from completely radiation-free preoperative imaging and spinal navigation using BoneMRI with the 7D Surgical FLASH Navigation System.

The 7D FLASH Navigation System uses visible light to create a three-dimensional image for surgical navigation in seconds, enabling faster and more efficient spinal procedures and eliminating many of the long-standing frustrations of legacy surgical navigation platforms.

In addition to removing the need for pre-operative radiation, this collaborative innovation also minimizes the number of pre-operative scans down to just one saving the healthcare system both time and money,” said Dr. Beau Standish, President of Global Enabling Technologies at Orthofix Medical.

We are excited and proud to see BoneMRI software enabling and complementing the 7D FLASH Navigation System to offer a completely radiation-free pre- and intra-operative workflow for our patients and to protect the surgical team. This is the first time we have demonstrated the recurrent use of BoneMRI as an alternative to a CT scan,” said Marijn van Stralen, Chief Technology Officer at MRIguidance.

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