Owlstone Medical Secures $6.5M Funding to Advance Breath-based Diagnostics for Infectious Disease

Owlstone Medical has secured funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, including a $5 million equity investment to advance its Breath Biopsy platform and a $1.5 million in grant funding to develop breath-based diagnostics and identify breath biomarkers for tuberculosis (TB) and human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV).

Based in Cambridge, UK, Owlstone is interested in developing new low-cost detection technologies for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could serve as markers for diseases that disproportionately affect the developing world. With the new funding, Owlstone aims to understand whether this approach is suitable for the detection of TB and HIV, and to explore a pathway by which breath-based tests could be used for rapid screening and earlier diagnosis.

By enabling rapid and non-invasive detection of disease, breath analysis has the potential to save lives and dramatically reduce the burden of illness in resource-constrained settings. The funds will accelerate both the discovery and validation of VOC biomarkers, and the development of a fieldable, low cost, easy-to-use device,” said Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, which is developing a breathalyzer for disease with a mission to save 100,000 lives and $1.5 billion in healthcare costs by advancing early detection and precision medicine.

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