Oxford Nanopore and Day Zero Diagnostics Collaborate on Bloodstream Infection Diagnostics

Oxford Nanopore and Day Zero Diagnostics (DZD) have announced a collaboration to develop an end-to-end solution for the diagnosis of bloodstream infections, a leading cause of sepsis, by integrating and optimising a diagnostic system for use in clinical settings, such as hospitals, that will provide same-day identification and genomic-based antibiotic susceptibility profiling without the need for blood culture.

The diagnostic system will combine DZD’s ultra-high enrichment sample preparation technology and its AI-driven Keynome® microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility pipeline with sequencing reads from Oxford Nanopore’s high-throughput, small-format PromethION 2 Solo. The collaboration aims to provide a fully automated sample processing and sequencing workflow that meets the needs of hospital clinical laboratories.

DZD has also signed an agreement to offer ONT-based sequencing and analysis to commercial customers. DZD currently offers a family of laboratory services under its epiXact® brand, using proprietary technologies to help healthcare and life science organisations track and manage infection outbreaks, characterise organisms of interest for research purposes and make high-impact R&D decisions. ONT will now be a sequencing platform on which these services can be provided, and DZD has recently announced the launch of EpiXact® ID, a rapid turnaround service that provides high-resolution organism identification and deep characterisation of a sample using nanopore whole genome sequencing. 

Culture-free, same-day organism identification and antimicrobial susceptibility profiling directly from native samples will be a game changer in infectious disease diagnostics, directly enabling early, targeted, life-saving treatment for patients,” said Jong Lee, CEO and co-founder of Day Zero Diagnostics.

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