PENTAX Medical to Provide IRCAD with Flexible Endoscopy Systems for Training and Education

PENTAX Medical announces a collaboration with IRCAD to train physicians in advanced flexible endoscopy by supplying complete flexible GI endoscopy systems to IRCAD for training and education, and strengthening up the educational partnership with KARL STORZ.

This success is stems from long-standing partnerships with medical device companies such as Karl STORZ, one of IRCAD’s major historical sponsors.

IRCAD, the international advanced research and training center in minimally invasive surgery based in Strasbourg, France, offers a training facility that welcomes over 8,800 worldwide surgeons from all surgical and GI specialties every year. The training and research institute involves more than 800 international experts in its training centers. It has also created the largest free e-learning platform: WebSurg, with more than 470,000 members worldwide.

“We are extremely honored to partner with IRCAD International Research and Training Center extending our own training abilities even further and to support their renowned training and education programs. We are committed to supporting physicians to increase their knowledge and education. The partnership of IRCAD and PENTAX Medical on the training and education for physicians will be another significant step in improving patient care with minimally invasive, advanced endoscopy.” said Rainer Burkard, President MedTech and Life Science Company, Global President PENTAX Medical, HOYA Corporation.

From September 2023 onwards IRCAD will put a stronger focus on advanced gastrointestinal endoscopy training. PENTAX Medical and KARL STORZ are living the philosophy of training and education, therefore the two companies are partnering to provide the best hands-on experience with high quality equipment at IRCAD France.

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