Powered by Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS) technology, Philips’ LumiGuide was used for the first time in late 2023 at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands, enabling doctors to navigate through blood vessels using light, instead of X-ray.

LumiGuide’s radiation-free technology brings potentially game-changing benefits for complex aortic procedures. LumiGuide uses light reflected along an optical fiber inside a guidewire to generate 3D, high-resolution, color images of devices, including off-the-shelf catheters, inside a patient’s body in real time, from any angle and in multiple views. It means that physicians know which direction their device is facing and can see where they need to go. This navigation can be done all without X-ray.

LumiGuide is a 3D human GPS powered by light,” said Dr. Atul Gupta, Chief Medical Officer for Image Guided Therapy and Precision Diagnosis at Philips.

LumiGuide, which works exclusively with compatible Philips interventional systems such as Azurion, is the second generation solution for using FORS. Rather than requiring physicians to manually register their devices with their image-guided therapy platform, LumiGuide uses AI-based recognition to quickly and efficiently register the guidewire, helping to increase accuracy while further reducing procedure time. The physician only needs to confirm the registration of the wire.

With LumiGuide now available to a growing number of aortic centers in the USA and Europe, Philips is paving the way for new radiation-free procedures. With plans to enable more devices that can be guided by LumiGuide, beyond aortic procedures, Philips is working towards bringing healthcare closer to entirely radiation-free surgery.

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