China Hangzhou-based PilotGene Technologies closes RMB 100 million ($13.6 million) Series B Financing led by Simiao Capital for the development of digital PCR technology based instruments and reagents, as well as overseas marketing.

Founded in 2014, PilotGene focuses on digital PCR (dPCR) technology with more than 80 independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained several CE certificates for dPCR-related products.

The company has launched a high-throughput, high-performance, fully automated digital PCR system platform, which is widely used in scientific research, clinical, public health and many other fields.

PilotGene has been on the fast track of business growth since 2021, under the leadership of its founder, Mr Jiang Xia, when it secured a Series A+ round of financing of RMB 120 million led by Share Capital.

In 2022, PilotGene obtained several CE certificates for digital PCR platforms and reagents, and officially started to expand into overseas markets. The company launched the fully automated digital PCR workstation DW3200, the fully automated digital droplet PCR system AD9600, and the new generation of compact all-in-one digital PCR system Pilot1200, bringing digital PCR into the new era of POCT. Based on the powerful digital PCR testing platform, Pilot offers full-cycle, all-round and all-scenario solutions for bloodstream infections, TB/non-TB, invasive fungi, CRE, and herpes viruses.

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