Orthofix Launches WaveForm L Lateral Interbody System in the US

Orthofix Medical has announced the full U.S. commercial launch of the 3D-printed WaveForm® L Lateral Lumbar Interbody System, which is designed for lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) procedures and features a porous structure that prioritizes strength and stability to provide a robust fusion environment.

Constructed from a repeating wave-like structure, WaveForm L is designed to efficiently distribute compressive loads and provide high porosity for optimized stiffness without compromising strength. At 80 percent body porosity, WaveForm L provides enhanced imaging characteristics and increased graft packability, while the optimized 65 percent endplate porosity of the wave-like structure provides for boney ingrowth and early mechanical stability.

WaveForm L represents the latest advancements in proprietary spinal implant technology engineered to address the many nuances of spinal pathology to meet individual patient needs, delivering both clinical and economic value to patients, surgeons and hospital systems,” said Kevin Kenny, President of Orthofix Global Spine.

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