China Nanjing-based Polymer Medical closes CNY 200 million Series B financing led by SDIC Unity capital (Chinese:国投创合), for the development, marketing, and production of products in the areas of general surgery, neurosurgery, and medical cosmetology.

Founded in 2016, Polymer Medical has independently developed a series of surgical products, including absorbable knot-free barbs, absorbable surgical sutures, non-absorbable knot-free barbs, non-absorbable surgical sutures, and electric endoscopy stapler. The company has successfully built the portfolio of “medical consumables + consumer medical beauty” based on degradable polymer materials.

Key Products of Polymer Medical

Polymer Medical will continue to cooperate with the Polymer Materials Center of Sichuan University and other national top scientific research institutions for innovative degradable polymer platforms and expand clinical applications in more benchmark hospitals, according to Dr. Liu Ping (Chinese: 刘平), General Manager of Polymer Medical.

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