Prenosis Announces Distribution Agreement with Roche for Sepsis ImmunoScore™ in the USA

Prenosis has announced a commercial distribution collaboration with Roche for its Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM, the first FDA de novo approved AI diagnostic tool for sepsis, which will be available on Roche’s navify® algorithm suite, offering customers the benefit of Roche and third-party evidence-based, certified medical algorithms in a single solution platform.

Using laboratory-based biomarkers, clinical data and AI, the Sepsis ImmunoScore holistically assesses a patient’s likelihood of having or developing sepsis within 24 hours of patient assessment. Integrated into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), it uses up to 22 different parameters to generate a risk score and assign the patient to one of four discrete risk stratification categories based on increasing risk of sepsis. The navify® Algorithm Suite aims to provide a collection of algorithms that have been clinically validated by an expert medical and cross-functional team at Roche. With Roche Diagnostics’ extensive market reach and ethical standards for AI-driven solutions, more hospitals and healthcare providers can responsibly take advantage of ImmunoScore and its clinical utility in the fight against sepsis,” said Bobby Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Prenosis.

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