Radiology Partners Launches RPX AI Platform on AWS at RSNA 2023

At RSNA 2023, Radiology Partners announced the launch of the RPX AI orchestration and integration platform, which leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) HealthImaging, a HIPAA-compliant, petabyte-scale medical image storage, analysis and sharing service, to seamlessly deploy a suite of AI tools on any reading platform – creating a highly accessible and customized solution for hospitals and health systems to enable the delivery of high-quality, technology-enabled care.

AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of AI and ML services and supporting cloud infrastructure, enabling a dynamic community of customers and partners to build the next generation of solutions for medical imaging. Radiology Partners selected AWS HealthImaging due to its ability to store, analyze and share medical images in the cloud at unmatched scale, while maintaining sub-second image retrieval latency, improving performance and lowering costs.

Using AWS HealthImaging, Radiology Partners will offer RPX AI, a cloud-based platform for rapid deployment of AI medical imaging tools at scale, creating value for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Hospitals and health systems will experience an all-in-one solution for selecting, validating, implementing and scaling AI imaging tools while radiologists will experience a seamless and consistent view of AI tools in a single digital platform,” said Denis Zerr, Chief Information and Technology Officer of Radiology Partners.

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