Shengqiang Technology Closes over RMB 100 Million Series B Financing for Pathology Digitalization

China Shenzhen-based digital pathology solution provider Shengqiang Technology closes over 100 million yuan ($13.6 million) Series B Financing led by CS Capital, for clinical trials and commercialization of digital pathology products and talent acquisition.

Founded in 2013, Shengqiang Technology has core team members from Tsinghua University and maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions. The company has successfully developed the whole slide scan system, immunofluorescence scanning analysis system, microscopic image information system (MIIS) and other digital and information solutions for pathology .

Shengqiang Technology is committed to building an ecological network of integrated solutions for pathology digitalisation, informatisation and intelligence, to promote the standardisation of the pathology industry. It has established partnerships with leading diagnostic and AI companies to build the overall solution of general digital intelligence of the pathology departments in top hospitals in China.

It has established the provincial pathology consultation platform centered on the Anhui Provincial Hospital to promote the development of China’s digital intelligence pathology level and contribute to the construction of the national pathology standard database.

The company will actively explore various channels and opportunities to increase its pathology market share and establish close cooperation with renowned partners, including Olympus, to expand the global market, according to Mr Hongling Zhang , Sales Director of Shengqiang Technology. The company will continue to increase investment in innovation and research and development to enhance the level of digital intelligence in all aspects of pathology in China, added Mr Qiang Huang, General Manager of Shengqiang Technology.

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