She’s Independent Invests in Astek Diagnostics’ Pre-Series A Round

She’s Independent has announced a strategic investment in Astek Diagnostics, which is developing JidduTM Analyzer, a groundbreaking urine-based diagnostic tool designed to rapidly identify urinary tract infections (UTIs) and assess antibiotic sensitivity within just one hour, to be launched in 2025.

This innovation addresses the urgent need for precise antibiotic matching to reduce instances of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) resulting from indiscriminate antibiotic use.

Astek is actively working toward FDA marketing authorization application (MAA) approval and has initiated collaborations with three independent urology clinics to demonstrate the feasibility of the Jiddu Analyzer in small clinical studies using real urine specimens. Astek recently initiated an early access program focused on urology clinics and hospitals in order to deploy the Jiddu Analyzer alpha prototype by mid-2024 in select locations. The program’s goal is to test the Jiddu Analyzer in various clinical environments, to collect data from diverse patient populations, to enable independent scientific publications to conduct external validation of the technology, and to accelerate FDA approval process of the device.

The underlying technology has already been validated by the Astek team with three additional sample types — cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with a focus on meningitis, effluent with a focus on surgical site infections, and blood with a focus on bacteremia,” said Mustafa Al-Adhami, Co-founder and CEO of Astek.

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