SimBioSys and Mayo Clinic Collaborate on Digital Precision Medicine Platform for Breast Cancer Patients

SimBioSys has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic to develop cloud-based clinical software tools that will support the end-to-end decision-making process for early-stage breast cancer patients, including individualized surgical planning, treatment, drug selection, and risk stratification.

As part of the collaboration, SimBioSys will use AI and data science to analyze data from patients enrolled in the Mayo Clinic-led BEAUTY clinical trial (NCT02022202) to unlock spatial biophysical insights that will help clinicians better tailor treatment plans for each individual patient. SimBioSys will perform simulations using previously acquired data and validate the predictive accuracy of the platform, as well as perform in silico scenario analysis under the guidance of the Mayo Clinic team.

SimBioSys has recruited a world-class team of scientists, computational biologists, data scientists and software engineers to develop software as a cloud-based medical device platform, TumorSightTM, to be used in the clinic during the treatment planning process. The company’s first product on the TumorSight platform, currently under FDA review, uses a patient’s standard DCE-MRI imaging to create a custom 3D digital model of their tumour. This innovative tool provides surgical oncologists with 3D spatial visualizations of breast cancer to support more effective surgical planning and patient counseling.

In the crowded world of genomics, new approaches face many barriers to becoming a new standard of care. SimBioSys complements current precision medicine techniques by relying only on readily available and previously acquired data sets such as imaging,” said Tushar Pandey, co-founder and CEO of SimBioSys.

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