China Suzhou-based SMT Group has completed over 100 million yuan ($13.6 million) of Series C+ financing invested by Neovision Capital, CCB Private Equity, and Shunbai Capital, to accelerate the domestic and overseas marketing of its membrane products.

SMT Group was founded in 2019 and its membrane products can be widely used in blood purification, ECMO, water treatment in food and beverage, and biopharmaceuticals such as gene therapy, vaccine production, and antibody drugs.

This is the company’s second round of funding in three months. SMT Group previously received a Series A investment of an undisclosed amount led by Riverhead Capital in March 2021, a Series B investment of nearly 100 million yuan led by BioTrack Capital and Sherpa Healthcare Partners in January 2022, and a Series C investment of 100 million yuan led by China Life Private Equity Investment and followed by CICC Capital in June 2023.

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