Shenzhen, China-based Sonosemi Medical (深圳市赛禾医疗技术有限公司) has closed more than RMB 200 million ($27.2 million) Series B financing led by Yuexiu Industrial Fund (越秀产业基金) and CCB Equity (建信股权), followed by CoStone Capital (基石资本) and original shareholders Tencent Investment, Eight Roads Capital (斯道资本), and Alwin Capital (雅惠投资).

The funds raised in this round will be used for research and development, production, and commercialization of pan-vascular precision diagnosis and treatment solutions. Sonosemi Medical is targeting the international market by actively filing global patents and advancing its overseas clinical registration programs.

Founded in April 2020, Sonosemi Medical has independently developed innovative pan-vascular active interventional products such as coronary intravascular shock wave therapy system, peripheral arterial intravascular shock wave therapy system, cardiac intracavitary ultrasound imaging system, and intravascular ultrasound, and expects to launch 4 to 6 products by the end of 2024.

We would like to thank our original shareholders and investors in this round for their support and recognition. Sonosemi Medical will accelerate the commercialization of its core products and benefit more patients as soon as possible,” said Mr. Bin Liu, Founder of Sonosemi Medical.

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