Spectrum Dynamics‘ VERITON-CT 400 SPECT/CT Scanner Installed at Gustave Roussy in France

Spectrum Dynamics Medical‘s VERITON-CT 400, a new generation digital SPECT/CT, has been successfully installed and patient scanning has begun at Gustave Roussy, Grand Paris, France, a leading cancer centre in Europe and ranked 4th in the world by Newsweek magazine.

The institute treats patients of all ages with all types of cancer and is a leader in the treatment of rare and complex tumours.

The VERITON-CT scanner is a 3D digital hybrid SPECT/CT scanner with a 360° CZT 12-detector design that automatically moves close to the patient’s body, helping to improve patient scans by allowing the detectors to come within millimetres of each body frame to achieve the imaging precision that helps localise tumours and improve diagnoses in many clinical indications.

Because the digital detectors snugly surround the patient to sense maximum photons, the high-definition images require a lower injected dose of the radiopharmaceutical than non-digital scanner technology. The VERITON-CT scans from head to toes in 3D hybrid mode, providing detailed information in a single scanning session. The whole process is easier on the patient, with less need for extra views and shortened exam times. Plus, the imaging efficiency of a hybrid scanner provides both physiologic and pathologic information. The patient’s comfort is significantly improved as the scan time is reduced by half and lower doses needs to be injected to patients.

The VERITON-CT will allow better images obtained in a quicker time, thus reducing exposure, with better patient care,” said Prof Desiree Deandreis, head of nuclear medicine at Gustave Roussy.

We are delighted to collaborate with Gustav Roussy with the install of the VERITON-CT 400 SPECT/CT scanner. The sensitivity benefits of digital detector technology, advanced reconstruction algorithms and total body coverage in 3D, will benefit both patients and clinicians for SPECT theranostics applications,” said Johann Fernando, Executive Vice President of Spectrum Dynamics.

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