SS Innovations Collaborates with Medikabazaar for the Sales of SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System in India

SS Innovations has entered into a partnership with Medikabazaar to facilitate sales of its flagship SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System to hospitals and medical facilities across India.

Medikabazaar is the leading medical equipment supplier in India with more than 40 domestic and global fulfillment centers, serving over 200,000 medical establishments and independent practitioners.

Medikabazaar’s equipment lifecycle management business, MBARC, ensures timely service and uptime of capital-intensive medical equipment from large hospitals in metros to mid or small size hospitals in smaller towns thus ensuring customers are served throughout the territories beyond metros. The company’s financial assistance and services platform, MB Freedom, allows customers to avail easy and fast financing solutions through Medikabazaar’s financial and lending solutions.

The SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System is the first surgical system to be made in India, and one of the only systems in the world to be distinctly cost-effective with broad-spectrum surgical applications including cardiac surgery. It has been granted regulatory approval in India and Guatemala, and is clinically validated in more than 40 different types of surgical procedures.

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