Teleflex Launches UroLift™ 2 System with Advanced Tissue Control to Treat All Types of Prostate

Teleflex has announced the upcoming full launch of the Advanced Tissue Control (ATC) feature on its unified UroLift™ 2 System platform to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms in men with all prostate types up to 100g. The UroLift™ 2 System with Advanced Tissue Control (UroLift™ 2 ATC) has received FDA clearance, marking a significant advancement in BPH care.

The UroLift™ 2 System is a market-leading and proven minimally invasive treatment for BPH that provides an effective alternative to BPH medications and major surgery. The UroLift™ 2 ATC represents a breakthrough in BPH treatment, with an adaptable design that allows physicians to tailor treatments to each patient’s unique anatomy, providing a personalized approach to maximize effectiveness.

The UroLift™ 2 ATC System offers physicians enhanced confidence, improved control of obstructive tissue and targeting accuracy through tissue control wings and laser-etched needle markers designed to make tissue manipulation and implant delivery more precise. A streamlined delivery system, utilizing one handle per procedure and individual implant cartridges, also ensures increased physician comfort and improves efficiency during the procedure.

The UroLift™ 2 ATC is designed to deliver the same proven effectiveness of the UroLift™ System, with significant enhancements on a unified UroLift™ 2 platform. Based on physician feedback, it maintains the efficacy of the UroLift™ System, improves overall performance, and offers physicians the advantage of efficiently treating a broader range of patients. This expanded capability offered by UroLift™ 2 ATC opens new avenues for patient care,” said Brian Wilkins, Vice President of Research and Development for Teleflex Interventional Urology.

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