TVM Capital Healthcare has announced the closing of the TVM Healthcare Afiyah Fund LP for approximately USD 250 million, its second fund in the Middle East raised from a distinguished group of Saudi, GCC and European investors.

TVM Capital Healthcare has been active in the Middle East since 2009 and in South East Asia since 2021, and has built a strong reputation as the first international fund manager to invest in and operate large healthcare companies in the Kingdom. It also invests in growth healthcare companies in Europe and the US to support their expansion plans in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC. With this two-pronged, highly catalytic strategy, TVM Capital Healthcare is maximising its contribution to the transformation of the Saudi economy and increasing access to world-leading products, technologies and services in the region.

The Afiyah Fund is the largest of its kind and is focused on supporting the key medical priorities of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Health Sector Transformation Programme. The Fund’s initial investments include Baraya Extended Care, a Riyadh-based chain of long-term, post-acute care and rehabilitation clinics; DEBx Medical, an Amsterdam-based developer and manufacturer of pioneering products for the treatment of chronic wounds, which is about to enter the Saudi market; Neurocare Group, a Munich-based leading innovator in personalised mental health services and products, with clinics in the US, the Netherlands and Australia, which is preparing to enter Saudi Arabia and the GCC; and other deals including longevity and genomics, oncology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and diagnostics.

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