Veracyte has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire C2i Genomics, a minimal residual disease (MRD) detection company, for up to $95 million.

The addition of C2i Genomics’ whole-genome MRD capabilities, in combination with Veracyte’s portfolio of diagnostic and prognostic tests, will enable Veracyte to serve physicians and their patients further along the cancer care continuum.

C2i Genomics’ whole-genome, AI-powered approach generates broad signatures from blood more quickly and efficiently than bespoke panels. The company’s MRD solution requires less than a tube of blood (as little as 3-4 ml blood, or 1-2 ml plasma), can go from sample to result in just two weeks, and delivers improved performance compared to imaging and other molecular tests.

Veracyte’s first application of C2i Genomics’ technology will be a muscle-invasive bladder cancer MRD test, where it plans to leverage its strong urology commercial channel and a clear pathway to expected reimbursement.

“MRD detection and monitoring is a large, rapidly growing space that provides critical information to physicians and their patients. The expected acquisition of C2i Genomics will enable us to expand our role across the cancer care continuum to help monitor the success of a therapeutic or surgical intervention, and determine the best course of action for each patient,” said Marc Stapley, CEO of Veracyte.

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