Virtual-Ports Partners with Mitsubishi to Expand Surgical Business in Japan

Virtual-Ports has announced that MC Medical, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, will serve as the exclusive distribution channel for Virtual-Ports products in Japan, delivering a higher value to local surgical practice.

As a renowned market leader in advanced surgical devices in Japan, MC Medical represents top-tier brands and specializes in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). With this collaboration, Virtual-Ports aims to augment the value provided to Japanese surgeons through its all-in-one medical devices platform.

Virtual-Ports products, known for their single-hand, multi-application design, will significantly enhance abdominal surgery space visibility and access. This innovation empowers surgeons by increasing control and clinical accuracy, ultimately reducing dependency on operating room assistance and minimizing the overall risk of complications and costs.

The partnership with MC Medical signifies a commitment to advancing surgical techniques and improving patient outcomes. With the introduction of our groundbreaking technology to Japan, we look forward to further strengthening our global presence,” said Yuval Yaskil, CEO at Virtual-Ports.

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