VySpine Partners with Oxford Performance Materials to Develop Unique Spinal Implants

VySpine, a spine innovation leader using differentiated materials and designs, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Oxford Performance Materials (OPM), an industry leader in advanced polymer science and 3D printed orthopedic devices.

The agreement enables VySpine and OPM to collaboratively develop differentiated spine fusion products using OPM’s patented OsteoFab PEKK technology. VySpine is the designer of the OsteoVy PEKK lattice, which will be manufactured exclusively by OPM for VySpine.

“OPM is the ideal partner given its long history with the high performing thermoplastic PEKK and its experience with 3D printing of these materials,” said Tom McLeer, CEO of VySpine. “The OsteoVy PEKK polymer lattice structure is uniquely designed to promote bone integration. PEKK, unlike other orthopedic polymers, has demonstrated bony apposition performance, allowing for bone growth onto, and throughout, the OsteoVy PEKK lattice. OPM will be producing the OsteoVy PEKK lattice exclusively for VySpine.”

“We are delighted to be making this important announcement with VySpine,” said OPM founder & CEO Scott DeFelice. “OPM has a history of developing industry partnerships with companies dedicated to innovative solutions that push medical device technology forward in ways that improve patient outcomes. VySpine clearly fits that mold.”

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