Ypsomed and ten23 health Collaborate to Commercialize the YpsoDose Patch Injector

Ypsomed and ten23 health have entered into a collaboration to advance the commercialization of the YpsoDose wearable injector for subcutaneous self-administration of large volume injections.

Both parties will proactively invest in technology and infrastructure to offer the YpsoDose patch injector platform as a fully integrated solution for subcutaneous self-administration of large volume injectable drugs. This comprehensive solution includes Schott Pharma’s ready-to-use CartriQ glass cartridge as the primary packaging for the drug, Ypsomed’s YpsoDose patch injector platform and ten23 health’s formulation and process development, filling, assembly and quality control (QC) of the final product. Pharmaceutical customers will have the opportunity to receive a rigorously tested and documented total solution, significantly accelerating time to clinic and subsequently time to market, allowing them to focus on their core initiatives.

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