Neusoft Medical and Cardiologists & Partners Collaborate to Improve Cardiovascular Diagnostics in China

Neusoft Medical (Chinese:东软医疗) and Cardiologists & Partners (Chinese:华医心诚医生集团) have signed a strategic agreement. Based on their high-end medical equipment and leading cardiologists’ resources, the two sides are to improve cardiovascular diagnostics levels in China by helping hospitals at all levels improve and develop their cardiovascular capabilities.

Cardiologists & Partners is a medical group founded by 23 top cardiologists in China including Professor Huo Yong (Chinese:霍勇) from the First Hospital of Peking University, and Professor Ge Junbo (Chinese:葛均波), an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. The group is to help more hospitals improve cardiovascular intervention levels by establishing a sound evaluation standard system for the construction of cardiovascular disciplines and a comprehensive plan for the training of cardiovascular experts and techniques.

China is undergoing a transition from “disease-focused” to “health-focused” with emerging a lot of new medical technologies, we should continue to lead technological innovation, innovate the medical model, establish a sound medical system, and cooperate with the players in the whole industry, to achieve the scientific management of cardiovascular diseases.

Huo Yong, Ge Junbo, and Other Cardiologists

Neusoft Medical is one of the leading players in high-end medical equipment in China. More than 45,000 units of its equipment have been installed in 110 countries since the launch of China’s first CT system in 1997.