Abbott has received CE Mark in Europe for its Assert-IQ™ insertable cardiac monitor (ICM), offering physicians a new option for diagnostic evaluation and long-term monitoring of people experiencing abnormal heartbeats.

With a minimally invasive procedure, physicians can insert the small, thin Assert-IQ ICM under the skin of the chest to monitor a person’s heart continuously and detect arrhythmias, which can lead to symptoms such as fainting and shortness of breath. After insertion, people can go about their daily lives while the ICM continuously monitors their heart.

Using Bluetooth technology, Abbott’s Assert-IQ ICM is designed to connect to a transmitter —usually the person’s own cell phone — where it checks heart rhythms every 20 seconds, transmitting important findings in virtually real time to their clinic’s portal. Assert-IQ offers the world’s longest battery life‡ for a Bluetooth enabled ICM.

While many commercially available ICMs monitor a person’s heart rhythm for a few years, Assert-IQ has two options, one with a battery life of at least three years and another with at least six years. The three-year option may be preferred for more traditional monitoring, such as diagnosing fainting or heart palpitations, or detections of abnormal heart rhythms, while the six-year option is designed for longer-term monitoring for those at risk of developing arrhythmias. Both options have advanced algorithms available to detect irregular heartbeats and provide clinically actionable data. Improved algorithms in Assert-IQ ICM reduce the data burden and increase the accuracy of the device, ultimately improving physician workflow and efficiency.

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