On March 29, Hybribio and MGI signed a strategic agreement, reaching a cooperation in the areas of high-throughput sequencing platforms and international market expansion.

MGI Tech will provide the DNBSEQ sequencing platform to assist Hybribio in the application development and clinical transformation of precision medicine. Additionally, both parties will leverage their strengths to jointly expand the international market and promote the inclusiveness of genetic testing technology.

Jiang Hui, COO of MGI Tech, and Guan Zhisheng, director and executive deputy general manager of Hybribio, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

Hybribio has been deeply involved in the field of molecular diagnostics for more than 20 years and has continuously launched innovative solutions for precision medicine. Guan Zhisheng expressed hope for a collaboration with MGI to promote the application development and clinical transformation of high-throughput sequencing technology in the fields of maternal and child health, birth defects, infectious diseases, and tumors, and to accelerate the globalization of molecular diagnostic testing instruments and reagents.

Based on its self-developed DNBSEQ core technology, MGI Tech has constructed a sequencing instrument matrix with various throughput and full coverage. Jiang Hui expressed the expectation to complement each other’s strengths with Hybribio, and work together to bring comprehensive breakthroughs for the clinical application of high-throughput sequencing in precision medicine.

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