Oriomics Biotech Closes RMB 100 Million Series B Financing for Early Cancer Detection

China Hangzhou-based Oriomics Biotech closes approximately 100 million yuan ($13.6 million) Series B financing led by Furtune Capital and followed by Tao Capital, Hotgen Biotech, and the company’s management team, which will be used for the clinical trials and commercialization of its China-first PCR+protein-based early cancer detection products for liver cancer and gastrointestinal tract cancers.

Founded in 2018, Oriomics Biotech has the core technology team from renowned medical schools and cancer centres in China and the United States, in the fields of molecular biology, statistical genetics, and computational biology.

The company has established a complete set of effective site screening and ctDNA efficient enrichment technologies for PCR platform. At the end of 2021, the company introduced a strategic investor, Hotgen Biotech, which has the first triple test for liver cancer in China and will have synergy with Oriomics Biotech in terms of underlying technologies and marketing.

Oriomics Biotech will continue to strengthen its R&D efforts to further improve its early cancer detection products for gastrointestinal tract cancers and to build a multi-tiered product pipeline consisting of single-cancer, multi-cancer and pan-cancer products.

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