Samsung Medison has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Sonio SAS, a fetal ultrasound AI software company, which will remain an independent company headquartered in France and will continue its commercial growth independently, while its products and services will remain compatible with all ultrasound device manufacturers.

Founded in 2020, Sonio has developed IT solutions and AI assistant capabilities for obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound that help medical professionals evaluate and document ultrasound exams. Sonio Detect, an FDA 510(k) cleared AI assistant, uses deep learning networks to ensure higher image quality in real time and improve the quality of care through greater clinical accuracy.

Together with Sonio’s world-class AI expertise, Samsung Medison’s leading ultrasound systems will help bring breakthrough AI-enabled workflows to market and accelerate innovation in patient outcomes and quality of prenatal care. With the acquisition of Sonio, Samsung Medison will bring best-in-class ultrasound AI technology and reporting capabilities to create a paradigm shift in prenatal ultrasound,” said Yong Kwan Kim, CEO of Samsung Medison.

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