Boston Scientific’s ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System Used for the First Time in China

Boston Scientific‘s ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System has been successfully used for the first time by Junbo Ge (葛均波), Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of the Department of Cardiology at Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, and his team of professors Juying Qian (钱菊英), Jianying Ma (马剑英), Kang Yao (姚康) and Chenguang Li (李晨光), four patients were operated on the same day.

There are more than 10 million patients with coronary artery disease in China, and the incidence will continue to increase in the future as the population ages. I hope that the newly launched ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System will help grassroots healthcare institutions better address the serious public health challenge and alleviate patients’ suffering,” said Mr Junbo Ge.

Prior to the official launch, Boston Scientific also took advantage of the “early and pilot implementation” policy to implement the clinical use of ROTAPRO in the Lecheng Pilot Zone in Hainan Province, South China. The core software of the ROTAPRO operating system is designed and developed by the Chinese R&D team, which is closer to local needs and makes it easier for physicians to standardise operating techniques during the learning process. Based on the mature system and rich clinical experience of its predecessor, the ROTAPRO system achieves a breakthrough in terms of lightness, intelligence and portability.

Following the clinical application in Hainan in 2022, we are very pleased to see this cutting-edge technology being fully introduced to the domestic market in just over a year. We look forward to the launch of ROTAPRO to help grassroots healthcare institutions improve efficiency. Boston Scientific will continue to introduce innovative products and leading technologies in China,” said June Chang (张珺), President of Boston Scientific Greater China.

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