NTT and Olympus Begin World’s First Joint Demonstration Experiment of Cloud Endoscopy System

NTT and Olympus have jointly begun a demonstration experiment of a cloud endoscopy system that enables image processing on the cloud.

This cloud endoscopy system utilizes Olympus’ advanced technology for endoscopes to perform image processing, which has been conventionally processed within the endoscopic equipment, on a remote cloud. This has been difficult to achieve with conventional network technology. NTT’s IOWN APN technology makes it possible to process images in real-time on the cloud.

Through this demonstration experiment, the two companies will confirm the feasibility of the cloud endoscopy system and help address social issues such as expanding access to advanced medical care. In addition, NTT will consider expanding use cases, such as promoting the use of other medical devices on the cloud, based on the knowledge gained from the demonstration experiment. Olympus will apply the results of this study and continue to study advanced technologies using IOWN technology, such as the cloud endoscopy system, that contribute to solving customer needs or problems.

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